Healthy Skin in Summers

Almost every woman longs for a good healthy looking skin and so the skincare treatments have always been a considerate issue among them. If we miss out on daily cleansing or exfoliating skin, sooner or later our cells under skin will become dead, making skin look dull and lifeless. And as soon the skin shifts to an unhealthy look, we start doing all the possible treatments to get it back. Many researches revealed that ignorance to skincare can lead to many problems in future. As summers are here, so hey girls watch out on your skin, because whatever we put on our skin and whatever we eat leaves great impact on how our skin look like. Have you ever noticed people with radiating, shiny skin? And does that envy you? Well how would it feel if your skin glows everyday in every season. And believe it, having glowing skin just needs to take an extra special care on things you use and food you eat. We are blessed with foods for every season that have special ingredients to keep us going. Let us look at some of the foods that give you bright and healthy looking skin. “Starting with water, in summers our body is unable to store as much water as its needed due to heavy sweating. Drinking water helps replenish the fluids lost by too much sweating. If you don’t get enough water, you may become dehydrated which will affect your skin makin it dry. Yummilicious berries are in. Blend them in a smoothie or your breakfast to enrich your body with age-fighting antioxidants like Vitamin C. Add some more nuts, wheatgerm, salmon, eggs and garlic to your appetite to enjoy some of these benefits. Bananas are available in every season. And we should not forget the wonders it does on our health. It is a great source of vitamin c and silica. We should not ignore the importance of fatty acids. They help in skin hydration inside out and also acts against inflammation which helps in reducing sensitive skin. Consume large amount of walnuts, flex seeds and canola oil and see wonders they do. Surely summers aren’t a great season to have green tea. But green tea is a best source of polyphenols which are high in antioxidants and leaves anti-inflammatory effects to the skin and body. Research studies have regarded it as anti-aging tea. You can find plenty of delicious green tea blends available in market out there. Feel refreshed. Besides these every fruit that’s in season is a must have on diet’s list.” Above mentioned is the brief list of food item that we should make a part of our daily diet. Let us also look upon the diet that is not suitable for the skin in summers. “As much as the sugar enhances the sweetness of our buds, it is equally dangerous for our health in many ways. It contains fats that if stored in our body can cause serious diseases in our internal system. One of the major drawbacks of sugar consumption is aging factor. Lots of sugar intake increases aging effects rapidly making our body dull apparently. Advanced Glycosylated Products are a toxic combination of sugars and proteins highly found in junks such as pastries, fried foods, cakes, white bread and soft drinks etc. So if you want to retain your young beautiful skin then keep your cakes cravings aside.” Following these simple tips not only ensures health but a beautiful YOU.
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