The emerald is a blue-green lithotherapy stone available on sites like Its bluish-green colour comes from its uncontrolled quantities of chromium and vanadium atoms. Back in the days, the stone was referred to as Esmeraude by the French and Emeraude by middle English men. In Ancient Greek, the stone was referred to as the Smaragdos, “the green gem. The stone has a hexagonal shape with different shades of green. These shades range from a rich blue, green colour to a transparent green shade. Emeralds mainly come from Colombia and Zambia. However, recent discoveries have located mineral deposits in Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Brazil. This stone is also dubbed as “the stone of successful love” because it is said to cure the heart.

Additionally, the stone symbolizes youthfulness, hope, renewal, growth, and the future. The stone works by finding love from the wearer and portrays it as the truth. As a result, this sparks an endless search for kindness, peace, and meaning.

Properties of emeralds

Healing property

One of the many traits of the greenstone healing properties is its ability to enhance the whole body’s stimulation while restoring the mind and spirit. According to many astrologers, the bluish-green gem symbolizes love, truth, forgiveness, compassion, and fidelity. In basic terms, the greenstone can heal the heart. While this is not scientifically proven, people still value emeralds and utilize them for health solutions.

Natural Emeralds are believed to combat the ageing of organs and, in turn, rejuvenating them. People even believe that Emeralds can cure diseases such as the heart, lungs, liver, and even the pancreases. However, for this kind of treatment to be effective, people drink Emeralds’ elixir. As if that is not enough, some people even wash their eyes with water mixed with emerald’s minerals. Astrologers believe that this solution soothes the eye. Thus, eliminating any eye ailments in the process while restoring vision for some. Additionally, some can also use this solution to deal with headaches, allergies, and skin irritations.

Aside from healing its users physically, Emeralds are also to cure individuals with emotional and spiritual issues. For instance, Emeralds can enhance the psych and intuitive abilities of a character. Further, it can also heal individuals nursing heartbreaks by granting them the strength to handle challenges. Also, the stones improve the compassion and self-love one has and for those around them. As a result, it allows users to develop harmonious relationships with others. From a spiritual perspective, the greenstone allows one to ink with Divine love. In the process, people using the stone in this manner develop the strength to endure spiritual encounters. It allows blessings to flow in a person’s life, more than you can imagine. In simple terms, its healing power is implausible and beyond human understanding.

Therapeutic Properties

Another talking property of the greenstone is its therapeutic property. The stone is best for people with restlessness, insomnia, and lack of concentration, etc. As a result, this ability helps individuals develop stability and helping them get rid of such struggles. Emeralds are also associated with achieving financial stability in life since they attract success.

Metaphysical Properties

Emeralds are beautiful stones with high demand in the jewellery world. The beauty and value of emeralds depend on its cut and its shape after the cut. If cut right then, its beauty will glow. However, if done wrong, then they fade away. There are four different ways of cutting the green stone. Namely:-

  • The step cut/emerald’s cut; is the most common way of cutting the green gem.
  • The brilliant-cut, this cut involves cutting Emeralds in triangular facets.
  • The cabochon cut emeralds cut this way have a flat bottom with round-exterior cuts.
  • The mixed cut; this cut is a mixture of the brilliant-cut and the step cut.

Beauty aside, emeralds symbolize romance, beauty, hope, and even rebirth. Like the goddess Venus, they are associated with fertility. According to most astrologers, emeralds have a connection to the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. They are further alleged to protect lovers from unfaithfulness. For example, if a partner were unfaithful, then the stone is believed to fade its colour.

However, if the partner was faithful, the stone is likely to maintain its rich green colour. As if that is not enough, Emeralds promotes friendship, equality, and harmony between conflicting parties. While most of these claims seem to be mystical, this is not necessarily the case. Emeralds have a green colour, which creates optimism and allows you to see the best in others.

Advantages of Emeralds and why you should wear them

  • Emeralds improve intellectual power. According to most astronomers, scholars and students using the greenstone are more efficient and wiser than those without.
  • Emeralds can improve your innovation and creativity. Classical astrologers believe that the stone enhances imagination, thus making wearers more creative. This applies mostly to writers, artists, and media personalities.
  • Emeralds can enhance communication skills. Emeralds provide wears with the right confidence that allows them to express themselves. It helps users convey their thoughts in a calm yet decent way.
  • Emeralds are combatants of shyness. If you are an introverted person, then the chances are that you are shy. Because of this reason, most individuals fail to understand you and hence dub you as an arrogant bustard. Most individuals with low self-esteem ought to use emeralds to help boost their psych. It helps shy characters relax and start conversations with others.
  • Emeralds are a symbol of love, faithfulness, and fertility. They allow the wearer to be devoted to one partner and show love. It enhances a better understanding between couples and enables them to develop a positive mindset towards one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chemical and mineral composition of the greenstone?

The gemstone falls under beryl, an aquamarine mineral. Most genuine emeralds contain “Jardins” which cloud the stone. Jardins are not flaws nor impurities. Instead, they show the difference between human made emeralds and genuine ones. In terms of composition, Emeralds are composed of chromium oxide, vanadium and is silicate in nature. To maintain its green colour, emeralds are coated with oil, paraffin, and at times wax. On the other hand, resin is used to diminish emeralds’ surface while deepening its green colour.

What is the proper care for emeralds? How do I do that?

While most people have the general perception of whipping jewellery frequently to remove excess oils or makeup, they don’t apply for emeralds. Emeralds ought to be spared from rugged wear and frequent rubbing. The steps for cleaning the green stone is basic. For starts, pat the stone over warm water using a soft cloth. In the process of cleaning the stone, avoid exposing the gem overheat or steam. Cleaning this rock using extreme heat or hot steam removes its oil coating the gem, losing its vibrancy.

Last but not least, avoid cleaning using ultrasonic cleaners or using sharp blows when cleaning. Using such cleaning techniques will damage the stone, leaving it with scratches or even fractures. Note that emeralds should be cleaned once in a couple of years.

How do I wear a Panna gemstone?

There are numerous ways to style your green gems. However, there are various factors to consider if you are wearing one and want to get the best. First, restrict yourself to wearing the stone on Wednesday, even if it’s your favourite jewel. Second, ensure that the stone is in contact with your skin, either with a necklace, bracelet, or even ring. Third avoid the greenstone if you have asthma, diarrhoea, stammering, or even ulcers. Fourth avoid blending the greenstone with yellow sapphire, Red coral, or even natural pearl. Fifth, don’t cook or wash with your green ring. Last but not least, always dip your gem and Ganga Jal or cow milk for a few minutes before putting it on

How can I buy this stone online: what are the various types of emeralds?

Most emeralds are mined and processed in factories before finding their way into retail stores. You can purchase the green stone; this includes an online store or a jewellery store. There are four types of greenstones: the standard grade, the fine grade, the premium grade, and the super-premium grade stone. Each grade has a different price, and the prices vary from one store to another. Also, each stone is different. Emeralds that are bluer than green are cheap. Last but not least, gems from Colombia have a high market value than others.


Emeralds are classy yet fashionable gems that have numerous advantages to your health and wellbeing. Its properties are overwhelming but fascinating at the same time. While the working behind its miraculous wonders might be mystical, there is more to Emeralds than what meets the eye.