Fashion tips: can mascara be used on eyelash extensions?

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 Mascara from darkens and adds impact especially to the lower lashes. It makes both the upper and the lower lashes to look balanced and uniform too. Mascara that are specifically designed for extensions to protect them - If your normal lashes are brown and you want extensions that will match them, you might require a mascara that will deepen the colour of the lashes and the extensions together. - Volume! Whereas the artificial extensions are a bit thicker than your natural silk, flutter, and particularly mink extensions, shrinks at the ends like human eyelashes. The Mascara will definitely add that drama and volume. - When your eyelash extensions get to the end of their life and start to shed together with the natural eyelashes that they are fixed on, you can fill in those gaps with mascara.

Why Oil-Free Mascara is excellent for Lash Extensions

Would you like to show off your eyelash extensions for the longest time possible? Do you know how to put mascara on lash extensions? Not all mascaras are perfect. Avoid all oil-based makeup along with mascaras. The Oil-free Mascara, along with makeup, is just the safe option if you want to put on lash extensions.

Why you should avoid oil based products

The Oil-based eyeliners together with mascaras, usually weaken the bonding features that hold your extension in position, and this can cause one of two possible results: First, the glue on several of your flares get loose and then re-dries, and this makes some of your lashes to stick together. Second, the oils soften the glue altogether making your eyelash extensions to fall out. You should also avoid Mascara that contains glycol and carbonate, because these ingredients usually mess the glue on your extensions, as well. Protecting the glue bond that is between your falsies and the lash line is the most vital solution to prolonging their life. The calmest product for fragile lash extensions is water-based Mascara.

Mascara that You Can Use With Extensions

Water-based mascaras have smaller quantities of additives as well as chemicals than the majority of the mascaras, which are usually easier to put on for people with allergic reactions or people with sensitive eyes. Water based mascara can also be removed easily and fast, and it dries faster than waterproof/ oil-based Mascara, although it might take additional coats to extend and build it should be reapplied regularly.

How to make your extension to look outstanding

If you want lash extensions can you wear mascara or put on mink faux, synthetic, or silk lashes, your Mascara is supposed to slide across their surface smoothly – sleek and faultless. Extension-friendly mascara is supposed to have a small quantity of water-resistance, although it easily comes off in the end, trouble-free. Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions? Yes, you can.

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