A style that appears inspired by the women’s empire waist, belts and other accessories above the hip line are a new tendency in menswear for spring/summer 2012. When men buy pants, we usually buy them founded on the waist dimensions just under the hip bone and navel. Relaxing the band, cummerbund or other accessory on your true waist may feel inapt at first but understand that the look can be paired with a much downplayed ensemble that will help to ease you into the tendency. This placement is what divides this from easily wearing a band. You have choices: • The skinny band: If you favor a little more subtlety than a cummerbund, you can opt for the skinny band. See Cerruti’s take on this from the spring/summer 2012 assemblage for a very simple to pursue guideline. • Rope band: This differs from the skinny band in that it is possibly less versatile. The cord band is a large high-waistlook because many will offer a couple of inches of excess rope to dangle roughly from the tie up, conceiving a hip and somewhat flippant approach to the trend. The look arrives off as bit costume like on the runway, but on street level the pants could be exchanged for azure casual trousers making it less theatrical and artier guy meets style guru. • High waist trench: The trench is expected the easiest way to be a trend follower without having to alter your personal method and without having to draw vigilance to the fact that possibly there is a little more of you protruding from under that high-waistband than your gym regime should allow. The majority of trench outer garments are conceived with a band that rests on your factual waist and this is a feature that has remained factual through generations of style discovery. If fitted through the arms and body enough that when you pull that belt in, the look is a clean slash.