Girls love to be orderly, but besides their room, office or study they fail to keep their handbags organized. A handbag is a small wonder for every girl to carry their world inside. Managing handbags can be a difficult thing to move with. But that’s how a girl can be more composed. It won’t be wrong to say that girls panic more easily, turning every situation into a mess. And if in case they need to find something out of their bag in the middle of the road the situation gets muddled. In simple words we can say that keeping an organized bag describes YOU. Girls usually shove in a lot of scraps and unnecessary things in their bags. They are receipts of clothes bought long ago, tissue papers, chocolate wrappers or old seen movie passes; somehow these tit bits are left inside the bag forever and ever. And admit it or not, it makes us guilty at times. Besides making things odd it has a major drawback aswell. Often important things, papers or receipt may be get lost due to this unnecessary scrap we carry. So make the best use of weekends and clean out all the useless litter you shove in the bag. Once the space is freed and scraps have been ridden off, now closely check how much pockets and space the handbag offers you. Now classify the left over things that you really need to carry. For example, make-up will be the most important thing girls carry, and then its money, credit cards, cell phone etc. Now that you’ve selected all the things, keep them in separate places. Mostly bags that are “in” nowadays are spacious. So bring in use all that space. And if in case you decided to carry small bag or if your bag doesn’t have enough pockets then keep small pouches for everything separately. Starting with the make-up stuff we carry. The list includes blushes, lip balms, applicators, hair brush or perfumes or body sprays. Try to use handy, mini variety of these things for you to carry. Get hold of some mini-sized make-up today and carry a trend in you. Cell phone is considered to be an important gadget you’ll need more than you think. And obviously you’ll need it to access it as easily as possible. Make sure you have a separate pocket where you only keep your cell phone and which is readily accessible. Well now mostly bags have separate mobile pouches. So keep phone there instead of shoving it inside the bag. Coming over to random stuff, tissues or handkerchiefs, pen and a paper are must for a handbag. This would bring out a refined look to your personality. Remember responsible girls carry such things. And now that your handbag is organized now, you’re all set to step out in class !