Harry potter faced biggest blockbuster decline

The release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 has marked the emotional climax of an era which is laden with almost insuperable opportunities. However instead of immediately jumping into the action this part is designed to take a slow and methodical approach towards the start. Overall the emotions are layered beautifully on thick but gradually it fades towards the end. We can say that the movie doesn’t totally succeed but it does enough to be extremely pleasing. Talking about the biggest box office opening ever, the Harry Potter’s eighth and final movie is experiencing the biggest second weekend decline of all time. It is for the first time ever that the Warner Bros. film declined 72% from its original record of $169.2 million to $47.4 million. It has happened at times that many films have faced bigger percentage drops in their second weekends of release but none of those can be categorized as elite blockbuster class of Harry Potter.
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