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It's not just a look, it's an attitude!

You see that girl you’ve been staring at? She’s not necessarily beautiful, but she’s got this something about her that sets her apart from the others, and this something is style! It’s not just a look, it’s an attitude. You can see she’s feeling comfortable in her shoes, in her clothes, and therefore in her head. She doesn’t seem to care about other people, she’s not afraid to be bold. This girl, do you dream of looking like her? Here are our easy tips to “be fashionable” without giving up on your personality.

Subtlety is key!

Because no man or woman who looks good is a fashionista who superimposes all the season’s trendy clothes. There’s your personality, your look, these are the backdrop to your outfit, to which will be added little fashion “candies” that will bring unexpected spice and style.

Printed clothes

Take any basic item, then put on a shirt with strong prints. Magic. A shirt, yes, but you can also go for a coat, a dress, pants, a skirt or a jumpsuit, everything can be in trendy prints.

One trendy item is enough!

You don’t have to change your dressing room every season. The right piece that will blend in with many of your looks is enough. It’s up to you to keep your eyes open and find the one piece that suits best!

Choose the right accessory

With the right accessory, there’s no need for a stylistic outbid, it is just the one that will assert the look. Adding more would even be a misstep. It’s called a statement and it says something about you, your way of thinking, your tastes…

Less is more!

The less we do (or the less we seem to do), the better! The secret that modern stylish women and men all over the world have is going for effortless outfits. A woman’s unpretentious look, i.e. wild hair as if jumping out of bed and nude glowy complexion, for instance, is a great choice for you. And in terms of look, no layering of the latest trends of the season, no flashy look are key principles! Less is definitely more!

Fashion is your friend, not a burden!

  • Open your horizons. Be curious. Be bold. Never say never. Daring. Plant yourself. Do it again.
  • See yourself as that blank canvas waiting to express itself. See fashion as the window of yourself to the world. Enjoy yourself.
  • Don’t dress for others. You can never please everyone.
  • Never let fashion impose anything on you. Instead, it should serve you, sublimate you, sometimes reassure you, but always make you strong.